If Life is happening today then why we live for tomorrow?

“There is nothing but a blank paper; how we write today will define tomorrow. But if we have to write today for tomorrow, why do we need today, what is it importance?”

Living a life is easy. Living a life to its fullest is difficult. Not for many, but for the most. I know people and I have seen them a couple of time doing the same thing over and over; again, and again. We lift ourselves out of our emotional boundaries to live a constipated life. The re-generation of thoughts become dull every day. There is a hoax of fame and self-gratification. We tend on planning good things for the future and try to explain ourselves – why we couldn’t do certain things right away and why we did what we did. This mere supposition kills us in a routine way, every day, constantly. We start of by saying things like: “I can’t do this.”, “well, I think it’s pretty good idea; but I can’t due to…. blah-blah.” I think we need to stop for a while. Breathe in. Take a long-deep breathe, see if we are truly alive and can think of boosting a little passion for life. Then, we can decide on what is best for us. The life is not tomorrow; it happening today. Smile, and look for it.


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