The departed culture of love: the divine eyes which x-rays than feel

Eyes filled with dirt can’t see a scratch-less heart, a loyal soul, or a beautiful face.”

A time when we look at someone, irrespective of gender, irrespective of colour, irrespective of culture or anything. When we really look at someone and want to be looked back, the eyes communicate even if we don’t spoken a word. It’s your heart, your inner creation, your inner core that keeps doing the talking through your eyes. If your thoughts are muddy and dirty and you perceive someone with negative energy, then the negative ideas, the negative thoughts, and the negative catastrophe will make their home into your heart and eventually will become your reality. This too happens if you knowingly accept those negative thoughts about you of someone. Reject them. When you will look in the eyes of someone with utmost faith and open your not-painted core, the original you, you will have a correct picture to rely upon. This gesture brings the same joy we have been reading throughout literature and the failure of those written flowery lines won’t continue, and your grandiose fantasies will come alive.

The time do stops; the imaginary flowers do cover two people in the crowd of a Metro station; the inner callings do call to look at someone or everyone more graciously with a pure heart and with the soul you possess you do it unknowingly. If not fed by those lusty advertisements, films, pornography, and web-series you may remain heart-fully true to yourself. The way you perceive something is the way that thing happens to you. Good for Good. Worse for Bad. The poetic expression of life that never leaves you unattended throughout your life dries before it flourishes with wrong images and pattern of the society and people. It demolishes your heart and brain with negativity which eventually kills your innocence and replaces it with lusty culture of staring a girl, turning eyes on her negatively and accepting it as self-entertainment. The should-be flush contents of movies.  

Examine your life with better perspective – the heart connection. It brings you joy of understanding someone without talking to him or her. When you’ll listen to your heart after a loyal look with kind gesture, your heart will thank you for the peace you’ll give. “A true gentleman” your heart will say. “A true and gentle-woman” your heart will say.

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