A green spring leaf,
Shed by its tree,
Yellowing into an autumn spirit,
Starts it’s journey.

Driven by dust,
Whooshing with it,
Tossed and turned,
Traveling miles continuously.
Though small infant steps,
It breathes every moment,
Captures every milestone,
Preserves in it’s heart.

It admires this beauty
Of constant change,
But even breaks down,
Into darkness,
which brings pain.

Then the flickering lights
Of the lamp of the future,
Allures it deeply
Beckons to it,
So it stands again, and
Travels ethereal meadows,
Never exhausted
Never demotivated.

Conquering its ulterior motive,
It wishes to assimilate
Into The One Supreme Divinity
And then,
Rests in peace forever,
As it painted its fate….

                                -     MANU

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