Oh, this cage of mine,
Deep dark waters that chokes me,
Running down my auburn eyes,
Maybe, now a little deep blue,
With time,
With endless streams of pains,
I shed every night,
Some winter dewdrops on my lilac cheeks,
I wipe with rising sunshine.
Locked in other’s dreams and desires,
I forgot to breathe,
I forgot to let myself live,
And You,
You found me within this coffin,
This transparent bubble of mine,
You saw it,
You fought with the adamant walls to enter inside,
But now what?
The invisible, icy, ugly hands drag you, Towards the cynical, vile depths,
Threatening you,
Endangering your innocent soul,
And You keep lighting candles in here,
Igniting the dreams undreamt,
Being my sun.
Perhaps, now,
I can see the ray of light,
Coming from somewhere inside,
There’s a lighthouse,
Smiling with cheer,
Beckoning me with open hands,
Oh! It’s you,
And now,
I’m ready to be saved,
To fly from this aviary,
I’m ready to let my hair down…

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