Shrunken face with dead-like skin,
Wailing eyes, but to others, invisible,
Chapped lips, sucked out of life,
Burning bones, pale and visible.
Carved out neck but not elegant,
No beauty in stance, breathing corpse,
Flesh-ridden body, so pain-stricken,
With acute hunger, he warps.
Dismantled dignity, he begged for alms,
Broken faiths but holding to life,
Fighting the last shreds of moments he has,
Life or death, a painful strife.
Checking around the signal, shrieking loud,
Needing just a little food, for today
To satiate the fire of his body,
Running for his life, like a dog, a stray
Out of nowhere, don’t know how,
In matter of seconds, now, a pool of blood,
A screeching posh car and a collision,
And he fell far away with a horrific thud.
And if this wasn’t enough to end his suffering,
To end the little hope, he firmed onto,
Just as he touched the shameless concrete,
A truck ran over him, impromptu.
Nobody even bothered to look at him,
Or to offer him to the mother nature, at last,
Is this what we call humanity?
Or it’s just a myth, believed to be in us,
In this inhuman cast….

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