Foregone Life

She never wanted it,
Neither his hard shoulders,
Nor a gaze of him,
Neither that big almiraah,
In the corner of that room.

She was a child, when she lost everything,
the smile, her house beside that pond,
her family, and started to dream with hunger,
she never stood out of her faded memory.

Her goal was to find a her prince,
not in a golden boot,but with a golden heart,
she wanted a soul to accompany her in heaven.

Even if not suited in a King’s gown, not wearing the crown, she wanted a heart,
A heart to win her heart and never desire
to break her heart.

Nothing goes for her, she is on death bed,
Reframing her life and nothing she has,
In mirror she glanced, the innocence,
the cuteness, the skin died.

She breathes heavily, the time has passed.
The childhood, the adolescent and the boldness has passed.She thinks, so early,
Why life has passed ?


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